At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Why Is This Place So Nasty...

The other day my life was threatened because I was cleaning my car windows as I was filling the gas tank.  Yep, the guy behind me waiting for the pump, thought that I would end up wasting his time if I was not standing ready to move my car the second the pump stopped.  So he informed me that he was going to kill me for wasting his time (this guy was yelling screaming, the whole ball of wax).  Why?  I would say he is just another stressed out resident of Los Angeles.  That is what happens in a city of an estimated population of 9,643,100.  Just too many rats in the cage.

Rats In The Cage?????

I admit that I spent most of my high school years sleeping in class, but on occasion I did stay awake.  In fact, at times I even paid attention.  In my science class I remember reviewing a study done with rats.  They took a low population of rats and put them into a fixed environment (they had a fixed size area in which to live).  It was noted that the rats were basically happy and got along.  Fighting was a very rare thing.  Then they started adding more and more rats.  As the population got larger and larger, the rats got a lot less content.  Fighting and other antisocial behavior grew.  In fact when the population got even higher, mother rats would kill their babyís.  Almost every rat fought with every other one....  Just too many rats in the box......

This Rat Is Moving To A Bigger Box....

That is a big part of why BizNet is relocating to Arizona.  Itís not that the box is any bigger, itís that there are less rats.

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