I Can See It Now... The Success Of Your Business Is All In The Cards...

Why Can’t You!

Last month we told you folks how to get great business cards for next to nothing.  In fact this is what was said:

“Now the next company we checked out was a company called Designer Card, Inc., at http://www.designercard.com

This company is not as well known as Vista Prints, but hopefully word will spread about this company.  The have a fantastic product at a great price.  Unlike Vista Prints, there are no limits to what you can do.  If you can create it in Corel these folks can print it.  Their printing process is so unique it is patented.  Prices pretty much top out at $65.00 (for full color photo cards), but other cards are less.

In comparing Designer Card, Inc., to Vista Prints, the most descriptive and accurate way I could describe the difference is to think of Vista Prints as a car.  Vista would be a Honda, or Toyota.  A really nice car.  But Designer Cards, Inc., would be like getting a Cadillac, or a Mercedes.  Can you say WOW?

In short if you just can’t really afford any more the $10.00 for cards think Vista Prints, but if you want cards that will give you a winning hand, go to Designer Card, Inc., at http://www.designercard.com/

You won’t be sorry with the cards you get, or the business and attention those cards will bring you.”

So why are we still on the subject of business cards?  Because some of you (based on the E-Mails we have received) still don’t get it.

Look, a bad or cheap looking business card is going to cost you more business then it will bring you.

A “home made” (this is any card you printed yourself) card, even those made from business card kits, tell me and others:

“I’m so new in business I have not had the day or two needed to get business cards” Or “I’m such a bad business person I can’t afford the cost of business cards, but I think you are too dumb to notice”

Look, lets put it this way.

Cheap or “homemade” cards are like:

Being a Realtor and working out of a cardboard box on skid row.

Being a carpenter and only having one finger left on each hand

Being a Doctor with a big notice in his office saying “cash only-No refunds”.  Next to the sign that states, “Notice, not responsible for injury or loss of life”.

Being an attorney and telling clients not to worry, you have been there and jail is not that bad.

Being a house painter and asking your prospective customers if they have any old blankets you can use to cover stuff with.

Being a house cleaner and telling people “I’m not your mother, so clean up your own mess”....

So stop reading this and look at your business card.  If it does not make you say “wow, this is a great looking card” or “Wow this card looks really nice, and expensive”, then just click here:

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