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In Business It Takes A Winning Hand To Succeed

And A Winning Hand Is All In The Cards! BizNet takes a look at some of those online business cards.

If your in business then you must have a business card, and the business cards you use say a lot about you.

When someone hands me a ďhomeĒ printed business card, they did on their inkjet or laser printer, I can tell it immediately.  And it sends only one message, and that is Donít Do Business With This Person!  Why, because they are financially so unstable or just so damn cheap, that they canít spend $20.00 to $50.00 on some real business cards! 

If you are not using a business card that makes folks say wow, then do you and your business a big favor and read on.

For this review we looked at two low cost business card solutions that provide full color cards for little or no money. With 500 cards being printed.

First up Vista Print:

Vista prints offers two basic cost lines of cards.  Free and under $50.00.  Do yourself a favor, do not use the free cards!  It is not they are not nice, itís just that the back of the cards are an ad for Vista print that states you got the cards for free.  So, you look cheap or financially unstable.  Look for as under $10.00 you can get nice color cards from them.  Just go to their web site at and check out their easy to use system.  Remember you are designing the card.  They are just printing it.  Any mistakes are yours to keep and pay for.

BizNet found Vista Prints easy to use.  They had a very wide range of styles, background, and layouts.

On getting the finished product we find the cards to be very nice and worth the $10.00 or so they cost.

For being a very nice card for the money we give Vista Prints the A-O.K. Award.

Now the next company we checked out was a company called Designer Card, Inc., at

Now this company is not as well known as Vista Prints, but hopefully word will spread about this company.  The have a fantastic product at a great price.  Unlike Vista Prints, there are no limits to what you can do.  If you can create it in Corel these folks can print it.  Their printing process is so unique it is patented.  Prices pretty much top out at $65.00 (for full color photo cards), but other cards are less.

In comparing Designer Card, Inc., to Vista Prints, the most descriptive and accurate way I could describe the difference is to think of Vista Prints as a car.  Vista would be a Honda, or Toyota.  A really nice car.  But Designer Cards, Inc., would be like getting a Cadillac, or a Mercedes.  Can you say WOW?

In short if you just canít really afford any more the $10.00 for cards think Vista Prints, but if you want cards that will give you a winning hand, go to Designer Card, Inc., at

You won't be sorry with the cards you get, or the business and attention those cards will bring you.

For WOWing us, we give Designer Card, Inc., the WOW Award!
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