Best Buys..... Worst Advice
I walked out.

The other day I was looking into spending some money on a high tech goody or two. Cash in hand (I really just had my check book with me).  As I was right by a Best Buys, I went on it.

I then walked right over to the Digital Cameras and the Video Cameras.  I walked around the display and played with a few items.  After ten minutes I undertook a tougher task...

I then spent the next five minutes walking around the store looking for a sales person.  I finally found their video guy (note this was on a Tuesday in the afternoon.  The store was almost empty).

We walked back over to the video stuff.  I told the sales person the following:

"I need to take both still Digital pictures and Videos.  I am looking to see if I want to get a digital Camera and a Video Camera, or just a Video Camera that can do both."

He then showed me a Sony with a price upwards of $2000.00.  I told him I had a cap on my total purchase of no more than about $800.00.  He then showed me another Sony for about $1300.00.  I again stated my spending cap.  I asked "do you have any Video Cameras that can do both for under $800.00?  He flat out told me "No, we don't have any.  In fact no one makes one for under $1000.00".  I then pointed to one priced at about $600.00 with a description that said it did do both.  He told me, "Oh, that sign is on the wrong model".  I pointed out that the model numbers matched.  He then told me" O.K. it does do both, but I know you really want to spend at least $2000.00".

I then told him he did not know shit (yes I said it to him) and I walked out.  I could see the only thing he was interested in was what was the best commission he could make, not what I wanted or needed.

I then walked out and across the street to Circuit City...  The consumer nightmare continues.
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