Circuit City...... More Like Short Circuit
Another Group Of Sales People Who DON'T Have A Clue

Walking into Circuit City I saw the Video and Digital Cameras’ I walked on over... I spent about 5 minutes looking over the stuff, then I had to hunt for a sales person... Gee kind of like Dejuvie.

I then told the sales person "I need to take both still Digital pictures and Videos.  I am looking to see if I want to get a digital Camera and a Video Camera, or just a Video Camera that can do both."

This is where things went differently than at Best Buys... Not Better just different.  The guy shows me a Video camera for about $800.00.  I ask how do I turn it on?  He states, Oh, you can't.  The power is not hooked up to most of them.  I explained that without being able to turn the units on I could not compare them, so there was no point in looking at them.

He then explained I should give him a moment to hook things up.  After a few minutes he told me he was ready to go.  Yes, he hooked the power up.  Only thing is the way he did it, the unit could not be raised up more the two or three inches of the display table (waist high).  I explained that I could not use the camera in that position. He suggested I get down on my knees...

I walked over to the manager to explain why I was now walking out of the store.  He apologized and asked for a second chance.  He had another guy hook up the power the right way.  I asked how do you take a digital photo with the Video camera.  I was told "Oh, they need a "memory Stick" and we don't have any so you can't take a picture with them.  I explained “then I can't comparison shop, and would go elsewhere.”

The manager again asked for my understanding, and a hunt was started for the employee that had the one memory stick.

He came over and asked if he could help me.  I explained the whole thing to him.  He said, but you don't need to take a picture to see the difference between a Mega Pixel Camera and a non Mega Pixel Camera.  I said then how do I tell the difference.

He said take off your glasses and look at me.  That is what a non-mega pixel picture looks like.  Now look at me with your glasses on.  That is what a mega pixel picture looks like.

I told him the only thing I saw when I looked at him, with or without my glasses was an idiot and I walked out.

Just for the record, I found a place that let me look and compare, etc.  Gee they had power to the units and everything.

So, if you’re looking for a place to buy some electronic goodies.  I recommend you stay out of both Best Buys and Circuit City.

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