Calling For Help And Staying Dry and Clean… For Under 10 Bucks…


Last month we talked about Flashlights and how they are more then just an Emergency Item to keep in the house.  A Flashlight is great everywhere.  Not just at home or Hotel, but even on the road.  Hard to go wrong with keeping a small one on your key ring….. But that was last month’s Article.  Lets get talking about this month.


How long can you scream at the top of your lungs?… How loud can you do it.   Can you go on and on for hours if needed?  Can you be heard at great distances?  Over traffic, and so on??????


In an Emergency, when you need help, the first thing you need to do to get that help, is to let someone know you need it, and where you are.  How do you get their attention?  You can’t yell all that loud, or for very long.  In fact if you’re hurt you may not even be able to talk.  How are you going to get help?


“Just put your lips together and Whistle”…….  Better then putting your lips together is to buy a Whistle at your local sporting goods store, and keep one on your key chain.


Even the cheapest Whistle will be louder than you can call out.   It will be easier to hear, and you can blow that thing all day, without losing energy.  Think about it.  A simple dime store Whistle can save your life.  It should be in all your emergency kits.  It should also be on your key chain next to that flashlight.


Not Just For Disasters…..  You don’t have to wait for a disaster to use your Whistle.  It can help out in day-to-day living.  If you’re outdoors and need to signal your partner, a Whistle works just fine.  Don’t feel safe walking to your car at night?  Put that Whistle in your mouth.  If someone comes at you, blow that whistle loud and hard…..  Get the idea?  Now get the worlds loudest Whistle.  It even works underwater.  I have had one for about ten years.  This is one loud Whistle.  Check it out at:


Now, lets talk about an Emergency supply that is so cheap it’s almost free!  I’m talking about a great big trash bag.  You know the ones for the big 30 gallon plus trash cans?  If you’re thinking, “Why is this guy telling us to have a trash bag, we know how to put trash in a bag”……  I never said I was talking about putting trash in the bag…. I’m talking about putting yourself in the bag!


Who in their right mind would put a themselves into a trash bag?????  No, you don’t have to be a homeless person to see a trash bag as an item of clothing.


In an Emergency those big trash bags make great throwaway raincoats.  Just tear a hole for your head, and two for your arms, and you’re ready to go.  Keep some in all your Emergency Kits.  In fact keep one in your car!


My Car?, yes…. Ever get a flat tire?  Have your car break down, etc….  It always seems to happen when you have your good clothes on.  No big deal, just slip on that throw away trash bag.  The bag gets dirty, not your clothes! Talk about getting dirty…  If your stuck having to put that flat dirty tire in your car… Just put it in that trash bag first!


So, try on a trash bag, you may look so good someone will whistle at you!

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