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No, I’m Not Afraid Of The Dark….. I’m Just Smarter Than You!

Whenever I travel away from home, I get the same “ribbing” from people when they see I brought a flashlight with me.  It’s always the same “ Are you afraid of the dark?”.  My answer is always the same.  No, I’m just smarter than you.

Think about it.  Do you have a flashlight at home?  Why, are you afraid of the dark? No, you just know that in an emergency you will need one.  You also know that a flashlight is a great emergency supply since you get lots of day-to-day usage out of it.

Just because you’re not staying at home, does that mean that any need for a flashlight has suddenly disappeared?  Hey, if anything, the need is more important.

Look, you pretty much know the layout of your home, so navigating it in low light or the dark, is not impossible.  How many Hotel rooms do you know the layout of?  What, you think Hotels never lose power, or have other emergencies?. Lets get real.

More than just an Emergency Supply. 
Away from home your flashlight is still more than just an emergency supply also. 
Think about most hotel rooms..........

You have one light that you can reach from the bed.  Need to get up.  You need to turn it on to see.  If the bulb just happens to go out, you’re in the dark to find the other light switch, or the phone to call and get a new bulb.  Ever need to get up in the middle of the night.  The lower light level of a flashlight is much easier to deal with than the bright room lights.  You also keep more of your night vision, and there is less chance of waking up your roommate.

More?. You bet.  Need to look for something that fell under the bed, etc? It’s easier with that flashlight…  Now that you have the idea, get a flashlight…………….. Because you’re smart, not afraid of the dark.

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