Using A Cell Phone Is A No Brainier, And It Shows!
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By: Mike Lipshultz


Using A Cell Phone Is A No Brainier….. And It Shows!


Not that long ago actor Kevin Spacey, stopped in the middle of his award wining Broadway performance, and turned to the audience.  He “broke” character and looking straight at a member of the audience said “Tell them we’re not available”……  Why did he do this?????  Simple, a very loud ringing cell phone was going off.


In January a suit was field against a Quakertown Driver for killing a little girl.  The driver admitted to running a stop sign and killing the girl.  Why did this happen????  He was talking on his cell phone (the driver even stated it).


Last month one Movie Theater Chain started asking patrons to please leave the Theater.  Why???  Their Cell phones were going off.


At this time a Bill is pending in the legislature to force restaurants to ask patrons were they want to be seated.  Why??? Cell Phones….  Would you like to sit in Cell Phone or Non-Cell Phone area?????




Because using a Cell Phone is such a no brainier, lots of people with no brains use them!


Come on, stop being a moron when it comes to using your cell phone.  At the very least use a Headset, and don’t talk at the top of your lungs (a good head set will pick up a soft voice).


Don’t want to look like a ‘Geek” or a “Nerd” with a head set on.  Don’t find them comfortable?

Then check out GN Netcom at:


This company makes a L-O-T of headsets.  One of their nicer ones is from the line they call EarShades. This unit comes in Blueberry, Lime, Grape, or Strawberry.  So much for the “Geek” or “Nerd” factor.  It can be worn over the ear or on a headband (so much for the discomfort).  This is a “High Quality” headset.  It has a noise-canceling microphone and the connections are gold plated. Check the unit out at:

As I said, this is a high quality unit.  I personally found it to be very comfortable.  The “Lobe Hinge” (the part that goes over your ear) is extremely adjustable, and so is the “Boom” mounted Noise Canceling Microphone.

After using this “Cool” looking Headset I am proud to give it BizNet’s Winner Award!


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