At The Water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

This Month BizNet Sets You Free!


The “Net” is the greatest “free” thing that has ever come down the line.  It’s FREE FREE FREE,

The downside is now we are all accustomed to getting it for free.


So, can we get it all for free????  No not everything, but there are a lot of free things to be had on the Net.  In fact there are hundreds of Web Sites that just give you information on free stuff.


Are any of those “Free” sites worth your time?  I don’t know, you be the judge.  I looked at some free sites and I think so.  I found not only free Internet access, but free DSL.


Check out the below links.  You to will find some great free stuff.


Happy searching!

A1 Free Stuff They have weeded out the junk and bring you only the newest and best freebies on the internet. Free items sent to your home or business include food samples, CDs, videos, software, CD-ROMs, cosmetics, T-shirts and more! Updated daily and throughout the day.

World Best Sites


#1 Free Stuff


 Virtual Free Stuff contains Over 3,000 of the Best Free Offers on the Internet within 90 Categories.

101 Free Stuff Links

Great free stuff - - click here!

Brian's Free Stuff Page - Free Samples, Prizes, and More! - Money, Gifts, Rewards, Prizes, and More!

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