This month BizNet’s Networking Connection looks at a different networking group.
A very different group. The V.P. Network.

By: Mike Lipshultz

If LeTip and BNI are the Holly Grail of networking groups, and their rules are the "bible of networking", then the V.P. Network may be thought of as the "atheists of the networking world".

The main rule of the V.P. group is there are no rules. In fact, technically speaking, there is no group. Just a bunch of friends that meet for breakfast and share business opportunities. Just because this group has no rules and does not know the meaning of the word "Politically Correct", does not mean it is not a great success. The V.P. Networking meeting is populated by a wide range of individuals and businesses. It was started many, many years ago by a few friends that got tired of Networking groups, and all their rules. The founders wanted to network for the pure purpose of networking - building friendships, and business alliances with other business individuals that were professional enough not to need a bunch of rules. They wanted to network with individuals interested in making a commitment to just do it right; to get to know each other, to share opportunities and resources not because the rules say you have to do this or that, but because you’re a responsible business person that believes in networking.

So does this work? On a bad day the turnout is 35 to 40 people. The average attendance is over 50. There is a web page located at . Once a year they sponsor a business Expo. Every participating business kicks in $50.00 or so, they self-promote and organize the event. Last year the Expo attendance was in the hundreds of visitors. Not bad for a group that technically does not exist. As a group that does not exist, there are no dues, fee’s or fines. Everybody just pays $7.00 to cover their breakfast.

Needless to say this group is not for everybody. If you’re not the type of person that can self-govern yourself, or you can’t take a joke or two, you will not profit and grow in this room. For more information check out their web site.

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