No, it’s not something you give the waiter at a French restaurant.
By: Mike Lipshultz

This month BizNet Magazine’s Networking section takes a closer look at one of the largest national and international Networking Organizations.

LeTip International
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This writer could tell you about how LeTip International was founded over 19 years ago by Ken Peterson, and is now actively run from Its San Diego offices by Terese Charlson, President of LeTip International. But, Hay, your not reading this for a history lesson! If you want a history lesson on LeTip go visit their web site http://www.letip.com/. Now, if you want to know the hows and whys, about why you should join LeTip, read on.

Lets start with the why. Money. Boy, what a reason!

Now lets talk about how LeTip is different from some of the other networking groups out there. All networking groups have different rules about members behavior. The common rules have to do with such things as showing up at meetings on time and consistently, giving "leads" to other members, and taking care of business (proper follow up on leads, ability to resolve problems, etc.). Different groups enforce rules differently. At LeTip International, misbehaving is going to cost you!

If you show up late, pay a fine. If you forgot your name badge and/or pin, pay a fine. Don’t have a lead to give, pay a fine. Missed the "Unknown Greater", pay a fine. Miss a meeting, pay a fine. Missed a social event, pay a fine. Get it right or your going to pay.

Now if your thinking, "You have got to be kidding, this group is going to nickel and dime me to death." You don’t understand human nature or LeTip. Unfortunately, a lot of business people need little incentives like those fines to get it right. If there is no price to pay, for not networking in a professional manner, a lot of people will let the little things slide. LeTip would be delighted if they never collected another fine.

So, do the little thing count? You tell me. I recently had the pleasure of spending some time at the Executive LeTip of the West Los Angeles chapter. This chapter is now at a membership of 67, and counting. That’s 67 active members, looking to help and promote each other’s businesses. How much would it cost you to add 60+ representatives to your business?

Each member must pass a minimum of two leads per month. In this chapter, it is not uncommon for one individual to pass 6, 7, or 8 leads at just one meeting.

When visiting this chapter I had the pleasure of meeting Terese Charlson, President of LeTip International. Terese was presenting an award to the chapter president Dr. Niel McLeod for winning the recent membership drive. As a reminder that LeTip means leads, and leads, mean money, Dr. Mcleod was presented with $1000.00 cash. I guess the little things do add up.

If you are new to networking, groups such as LeTip International are a great starting place to learn the responsibilities and edict of networking. LeTip works hard at welcoming and educating new networkers.

So if you are an old hand at networking, skip LeTip? That’s up to you. If you don’t want to be in a room full of hardworking networkers, that’s your business.

For more information on networking please see last months article by Jonathan P. Rich ( a member of this LeTip Chapter) and BizNet Magazine’s Networking Connection section. If you are in the greater Los Angeles area and would like to visit the Executive LeTip of West Los Angeles, just give Jonathan Rich a call at (310) 915-6456 and tell him BizNet Magazine sent you. If you would like additional information on LeTip, visit their Web site at http://www.letip.com or call them at (800) 25LETIP. Tell them BizNet Magazine sent you. You first visit and breakfast will be compliments of LeTip International.

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