At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

Good Bye Los Angeles.....

BizNet OnLine is leaving town.  If anyone in the city government wants to know why another business is leaving town, why donít you ask your city clerk that would not take a check from me written on my Credit Union.  Why?  Because, they claimed a Credit Union is not like a bank, so the check could not be real... Get real!!!!!!!

Or Could It Be For My Safety?

Downtown Los Angeles traffic is a total mess.  For safety reasons lots of streets around city and state offices are barricaded off.  This makes everyone bounce from street to street trying to weave a new path around the closed streets.  And with all those government buildings in such a small area, traffic is really bad!

Or Could It Be The Shaking?

Another aftershock from the Northridge Earthquake (yes, all these years later).  A good 4.2 .  Earthquake insurance in California is mostly a joke.  Did you know that the USGS does not even track Earthquakes in Arizona?  Why?  Because if they feel any shaking at all itís coming from another California quake!

See California Shake For Yourself....

Or The Cost Of Living?

3 bedroom 2 bath under 2,000 square feet house anyplace in Los Angeles.  At least $250,000 in really bad shape in a bad area.  In Bullhead a fairly new one would by easy to find for $100,000.  Go to a movie Sunday night in Los Angeles $7.50 to $12.00...  In the Bullhead area (Stadium style seating) no more then $5.00... Should we talk about the price of gas? .....
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