Heads Up, The Cordless Headsets Are Here!
Hello for 2-2001
By: Mike Lipshultz

The big news coming out of CES is that Cordless Headsets are finally here. Last year some companies were showing Cordless Headsets, but no one was shipping the goods.  This year, you can actually get the things.

There are basically three different types available:

Now in reality BlueTooth and Radio are basically the same.  They both use radio waves to work.  Just like a cordless phone.  The big difference is the radio frequency and the "chip" they use.  The BlueTooth units use the 2.4 gigHz BlueTooth technology.  The other Radio units use a variety of radio frequencies.

The Infra Red units use the same Infra Red technology that your computers use to talk to other peripherals using an Infra Red sensor.  This is also the way your remote talks to your TV.

No matter the technology they use, the great thing is that the units are now starting to ship.

In the coming months BizNet OnLine will be reviewing different models using the different technologies.

On a personal note, I believe these units will go a long way in getting people to use a hands free system when talking and driving.  Lets face it.  We all see those drivers out there that are more into their conversation then they are their driving.  We can only hope that getting the phones out of their hands will help.

Ticket. I don't Need No Stick'in Ticket.... I've got my phone!

As you recall we have talked about 3G and wap (web enabled) cell phones and doing such things as paying for gas or a soda electronically with your Cell Phone.  Well the future is just about here.  Alaska air will now let passengers with the right phones get on their planes using the phones and an electronic boarding pass.  This is a first in the US.  In other parts of the world Deutsche Lufthansa AG is already using a similar program.  In addition to Alaska Air, Horizon Air, a regional carrier that serves the western U.S. and Canada, has also announced plans to provide the wireless check-in.

No More Ericsson Cell Phones?????

Yes and No ...

Ericsson currently has about 10% of the Cell Phone market.  Its manufacturing costs of the Cell Phone division have been putting financial pressure on the company, so...  They are going to sell off the manufacturing operations to Flextronics International, which will take over its plants in Brazil, Malaysia, Sweden, U.K. and the United States.  In short, we will still have Ericsson phones.  Another company will just make them for Ericsson.

It would have been sad to see the loss of Ericsson phones.  They have some really neat models.


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