Office Emergencies #2
Written by: Chris Lundie

This is a continuation of last months article Office emergencies #1.  In this little segment we will discover how to properly ventilate a victim of respiratory arrest.

After you have checked the victim, & you find they are not breathing it is time to give rescue breaths.  You give these breaths in the following way:  put one hand on the victims forehead and one on the victims chin and tilt the head back to open the airway.  Once the airway is open pinch the nose (pinching the nose is important to make sure you donít get a surprise on your cheek) and deliver 2 slow breaths making sure that you just fill the lungs (if you breathe too hard you will push air into the stomach).  This is where the procedure begin to split.

If when breathing into the victim the air does not go in re-tilt the head and try again.  If the air still does not go in:  With the victim on their back straddle the victim, put one hand on top of the other give five upward thrusts starting at the navel, Then move up to the head grab the tongue and the lower jaw and sweep out any foreign objects in the mouth.  Then go back and give two breaths.  If the breaths donít go in then repeat the sequence either until you open the airway or more advanced medical personnel arrive to take over.

When the breaths you give go into the victim, it is time to start rescue breathing, to do this you must give the adult victim one breath every 5 seconds, After a minute check for the pulse.  You will learn how to check for the pulse in the next lesson.

Next month I will go over the basics of CPR which includes how to check the pulse.

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