Work Place Violence, so how do I tie Water Cooler, into having something to do with Workplace Violence???

By: Mike Lipshultz

How's this...

Tip, when the water cooler is empty and needs a new bottle on it, put a new bottle on it.  If it is too heavy for you, tell a co-worker, and ask them nicely to replace the empty bottle.  After all, you folks that do things like:

And never ever lift a finger to replace the Water, Coffee, Ice, etc., really piss the rest of us off.  So on behalf of office workers everywhere let me tell you.  You are an ass....  Stop it or when we go nuts, youíre the first one we're taking out.............  Oh, and leaving 2 ounces of water, or one once of coffee, or one ice cube, is the SAME AS TAKING THE LAST ONE!!!!!!

Boy now I'm all stressed and uptight, but I did get that off my mind...  Now I need something fun.  Maybe Iíll even go a little good crazy.  I know I'll create a brand new BizNet OnLine Magazine Award.  Something that I can give out to stuff that makes for great conversation around the old Water Cooler.  I know; I'll call it the Water Cooler Awards!

Tada! Here it is!

The Water Cooler Award is one of BizNet's Fun Awards.  Any Winner of the Water Cooler Award is guaranteed to simply be FUN! Need we say more?

And The Winner Is.......

The Winner of the 1st Water Cooler Award to be given out is:

   People Cards!

People Cards are playing cards that feature everyday folks.  No one special.  In other words folks like you and me.  Check them out at

Let me tell you, if you can't get a conversation started at the office with a pack of these cards, then it is YOU!

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