At The Water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz

I Knew Dogpile Was Fast ButÖ

            I knew that dogpile was a fast search engine, but until I got my DSL line, I did not know how fast it was.  You see, itís not any faster on my DSL line then it was on my 56k connection.  So what? Is it slow on DSL? No, itís just that it was really fast just at 56k.  I donít know how they do it, but if youíre sick of waiting for your search engine, surf on over to:

Printing Your Own Business CardsÖ

            Nothing wrong with designing your own business cards if you do a good job of it.  But please donít print them out on your own laser printer.  The floppy wimpy paper looks really bad and tells people, Hi!, Iím too cheap or broke to buy real cards.  But there is good news.  My favorite source for printing your own cards is finally online.  Check out Beaver Prints at:

They have a great deal on a 1,000 cards for under $40.00 bucks, with full color pictures on them.

Still Thinking Of Doing Your Own CardsÖ

            If youíre still thinking about doing your own cards, then at least do them right.  Check out this old article for some good information:  It may be from our second issue back in 1997, but itís still good information.

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