Doing It In Style……………
Just got back from CES and I liked what I saw at the Motorola booth.
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By: Mike Lipshultz

Doing It In Style……………


Just got back from CES and I liked what I saw at the Motorola booth.  I have personally always felt that Motorola makes the best cell phone (not that Nokia or Ericsson are bad units), but I was always a little disappointed in the fact that the Motorola phones were always so… Well…. Plain….  You look at the Nokia line and you have a choice of colors etc…  In fact, Nokia has a line of replaceable covers... a styling touch that I personally like.  Therefore, if I like the styling of replaceable covers, why then do I have a Motorola phone?  Look, I like the styling thing, but I need the best phone I can get… What I mean by best is the ability to make and receive calls, etc…  In my experience that means the Motorola has been the choice for me, based on what I needed, not what I liked.  Now things are changing…


Does this mean I’m switching over to Nokia…  No not that kind of change.  The change is being made by Motorola.  They are now making phones with replaceable covers, so you can now have that styling thing, with what I think is the best brand of phones out there.


Now Motorola is not stopping at just making stylish covers.  They are working hard at making even better phones. I saw a soon-to-be-released Star Tac with a to-die -for full-color display.  Anyone seeing this will want it.  Also, Motorola lets their technicians have fun from time to time.  Now if you’re a real techie, having fun is not partying, but is getting to build something just to see if you can.  So, what did they build… a one-of-a-kind pair of phones with a live video.  One phone was shown receiving a live video from the other.  Extremely real time and high quality.  Now I personally don’t see as big of a demand for that as I did for their other project.  A true wrist phone.  Hello!, Calling Dick Tracy.  No, this was not some over-bulky smaller-than-a-Star Tac, but still big-phone-put-on-a-wrist-band.  This was a true watch size phone.  To use it you talked into the watch and listened on an earphone. You can also take the phone off your wrist and use the built-in speaker.  Now this thing is going to sell.  Makes me think…  They need to get this and the OnHand PC together….

Check out Motorola at:


More from CES…

The world of hands-free phones is getting better and better.  I will be doing some reviews on portable hands-free voice controlled units.  The big news is not only the Voice controlled part, but it plugs into your cigarette lighter and can be moved from car to car.  It also works on lots of different phones, so you don’t have to buy one for every phone your family uses.  Look for the reviews in coming issues.


See you next month


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