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QuickBooks 99 = Y2K

More then just another upgrade if you still want to be in business after 2000

By: Sharon Wolfe

QuickBooks 99 - "WHAT! ANOTHER UPGRADE?" I said. I'm sure you're thinking the same thing.

Now what good reason can QuickBooks give me to spend more dollars? Well, after checking it out I determined it was not only a very good upgrade for my business, but in fact a critical one. Maybe it is for you, too. Especially if you need to be Y2K Compliant.

Lets look at the facts to see if you to need to make this upgrade or not:

If you are currently using

Your version will not be Y2K compliant! So, yes, you will have to upgrade.

If you have:

Additional reasons to purchase this QuickBooks 99 upgrade:

  1. To make your business run more professionally, you can create business letters to your Customers or Vendors - it has built in templates for collection letters, thank you for your business letters, etc., interfacing with one click to Microsoft Word v97!
  2. You can customize your reports in Excel - with one click!
  3. You can use the Purchase Order function to get a PO report by the Job
  4. You can use the Purchase Order function to track customer jobs on purchase orders.
  5. You can print labels for specific ZIP codes, and/or sort on Zip codes, yes it even sorts by 9-digit Zip Codes
  6. You can create a Statement of Cash Flow report
  7. Now you can save time by having QuickBooks print a Deposit Ticket for you that is accepted at all US Banks.

If you have not upgraded from QuickBooks Windows 5.0 or prior versions, take if from me, this is the time to upgrade. Please believe me when I tell you that skipping more than one upgrade is not a good idea when you are running a business - it can lead to impossible conversion problems and technical support problems.

PATCHES and RELEASES (different than New Versions/Upgrades):

If for some reason you simply cannot upgrade, and you must keep QuickBooks 5.0 or 6.0, or QuickBooks for Mac 4.0, remember to always download new releases and patches over the Internet from the Quickbooks website. This will keep your version as up-to-date as possible for future conversions.


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