At The Water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz


This New Year brought us Fighter jets flying over Times Square, and The Vegas Strip.  To protect us from terrorist attacks.  God, how I miss the good old days of 2000, when all we worried about was everything electronic coming to an end.

Mad Cow, Mad Cow !!!!!!!!!!

I'll I Have To Say Is...

Less the 200 people in the world have gotten or died from "Mad Cow" disease.  But over 30,000 people in the United Stats will die from this years flue.  And you still won't get a flue shot, but you stopped eating beef..........

PETA, Please Don't Call....

Please, PETA, folks don't get into it with me.  I have nothing against our animal friends.  In fact I even have been known to invite one or two over for dinner.

What Is Smarter?

What is smarter, an animal or a Tela-marketer.  I'll take the animal over the Tela-marketer.  A friend of mine that owns a web design company gets calls every week from the same Tela-marketing people offering him a "free" web site, from one of his competitors.  He has explained.  No, thanks, I'm in the same business, so stop calling.  I have seen him try explaining it over and over again, but they still call.  They simply can't understand it is a waist of their time also.... Dumb Tela-Marketer, Bad Tela-Marketer!

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