At The water Cooler

By: Mike Lipshultz


Life is returning to post September 11th.  Once again here in Los Angeles they are broadcasting car chases.  Its hard to tell who the moron is.  The idiot in the stolen car, or the news reporters flapping their gums.  They do say such totally stupid things.......

Yes The Internet Is Good.....

I always wanted real intermittent wipers on my Saab.  You know the ones you can set at any interval.  I have never gotten around to adding the after market parts to have it work.  Just found out at a users group ( that by simply swapping out the current wiper relay with one from a VW, I can get what I want.  Pretty neat.  No wiring.  Nothing.  Just pull the old relay and put in the new one.


Remember DotCom...

Remember DotCom?  The BizNet mascot?  DotCom is in real life a Dalmatian that belongs to our co-editor Tyler.  Her real name is Jessie.  Will, Jessie now has a little sister.  Yup, Dalmatian number two.  So, that would be 2 down, 99 more to go?



O.K. I am a 99 store junky.  But they carry a few things even I would be afraid to pay 99 for. Like a pregnancy test kit.  Hey I kid you not.  After all its a good thing to get with that 99 box of condoms.

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