A Real Conversation

By: Mike Lipshultz

A Real Conversation:

Pharmacy Worker "We need to call your Doctor to get an OK to refill your prescription".

Me: " OK I understand that, will you be calling today?".

Pharmacy; "Call who?".

Me; "The Doctor".

Pharmacy; "Maybe...  Maybe not...".

Me; "If you need to talk to the Doctor, and your not sure your going to call, can I talk to someone that will call?".

Pharmacy ; "Yes, you can".

Me; "Ok, can I talk to them now".

Pharmacy; "Talk to who"..........

Hay, I'm not making this up.  I guess it's nice to know that the staff of the pharmacy personally test the medications that they hand out..........

Not On Target........

Went into a Target Department store the other day.  Cash in hand ready to purchase a household appliance.  Knew what I wanted completely ready to buy it, if they had it.  Went into the Housewear Department.  Could not find it, could not find an employee to ask.  Picked up one of those conveniently placed red phones to find out if they had the item.  It took 5 minutes to get the phone answered.  I was told someone would come over to help me.  An hour latter and more calls on the red phone.... No one came over.  No one could figure out how to find out if the store carried the Item or not.

            Half an hour later I was walking out of the K-Mart down the street with he item in hand.  I guess K-Mart was on Target.......

More On Target........

I fiend of mine (yes I have one... Or two).... was in a Target Store, when he cut his hand on a "ruff'; spot on a store shelf.  No, we are not talking a trip to the Emergency room, or calling an ambulance, but it was bleeding, so he needed to put a band aid on it.

            He had to go to the "Customer Service" department to find someone.  They claimed not to have any first aid supplies.  He asked to speak to the store manager....  The manager found the first aid kit.  It was basically empty... No band aids...  The manager stated she unfortunately did not have any band aids, and could not help him...  So off my friend went to find a store to buy a band aid....  Target lost another customer....  I guess the manager did not know that Target sold band aids (located in the same area as  stuff like shampoo etc..., is located) and she could have just used a box from stock.  I would say that all business should restock their first aid kits on a regular basis.  If for no other reason then if OSHO shows up and finds an empty or incomplete first aid kit, your going to need some aspirin.  It should also be said that a store manager should know the items their store sells.

Fair Play....

O.K. I complain about stores a lot, so lets be fair...

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