Is It A Trade Show Or A NetWorking Event?

This is a tuff time of year for us poor BizNet Folks.  Lots of really big and can't miss trade shows going on.  It starts with Comdex in November and ends with the Auto show here in Los Angeles in early January.  Roughly 7 shows in 8 weeks, in only two cities.

So, are these really Trade Shows, or NetWorking events?  If your smart you know everything (almost) is a NetWorking Event.  Everything that applies to a NetWorking Event, should be used at a Trade Show Event.

Some of the big things to remember:

If you pay attention to the above you will be amazed at the results.  Lets face it, it is always nice to talk to a professional sounding person. Someone that sounds like they care about what you do, and talks to you instead of at you Someone who does not look they have something to hide, wants to be someplace else or does not seem to know what they do. Someone that does not have dragon breath.

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