Would You Believe In A Referral From An Organization That Only Wanted Your Money. Or, Is It A NetWorking Group Or A Marketing Group!

When does a NetWorking Group stop being a NetWorking group and turn into something else?  If you ask me, it is when it forgets that NetWorking is about business professionals getting together.  Getting to know each other, and then trusting each other with their customers.

In Networking, it is about trust.  You can't build a trusting relationship with people you never meet.  Unfortunately some NetWorking groups are more concerned with the number of "Members" than they are with the quality of their group.

You have the membership $$ youíre in.  Don't want to attend meetings, we don't care.  Don't want to meet the other members, we don't care.  Don't want to pay the fee We Care.

It is not about building business relationships with groups like this.  It is only about membership money.  They don't care about their members, their membersí customers, or the quality of the work their members do.

This is not a NetWorking group.  At best it is a marketing co-op.  That is if this so called group even does any marketing for its members.

Why would anyone join a group like this?  1.) They are hunters not farmers and don't care. 2.) They don't know any better.  3.) They donít know that it's the quality that counts.

So, if youíre looking into joining a group that only cares about getting your money and does not care if they ever see you, I ask you one thing.  What are they going to do for you?  And what are those other members going to do if they get a hold of your customers.

Personally I would walk away from any group like that.
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