You see them once a week.  You have been NetWorking with them for over 5 years.  Why is it I had to tell you to call them?

I recently had someone call me looking for someone to help them put together a business web site, that could handle a video feed.  I promptly told them to call someone that we both know.

Their response was to say ĒOh, he can do that? I knew he did web stuff, but not thatĒ.

Now Iím not going to name names, but I really know the web guy.  And if anyone listens they should know what he does.  Especially if you have both been going to the same NetWorking Meeting for years.

With this in mind, I would like all you NetWorkers to remember to shut up and listen, when other people are giving introductions.  Or are talking about what they do!

You may also want to get together and talk over lunch and spend some time listening to them.  Even better, ask to see some of their work.

Why?  Because if you donít know what they do, they canít be of help to you, AndÖ..

If you donít know what they do, why should they know what you doÖ Think about it.

As for that guy I was talking to.  He also wanted to know were he could get the equipment he would need.  I gave him the name and phone number of someone else we both know.

Good thing one of us pays some attention to what folks do!

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