People involved in NetWorking are not getting all they could get out of it. 

I have been writing this column for a number of years.  Every month something new about NetWorking. This month I must admit I am stumped.  I can't think of a topic of NetWorking I have not talked about.

So, what do I talk about this month?  I really don't know.  I am sitting here typing away totally stumped.  Is it time to end this column and bring a close to writing about the doe's and don'ts of NetWorking?

Not on your life! 

Look I know this column is still needed as most people involved in NetWorking are not getting all they could get out of it. 

Some of them just need to polish up there act.  Others are a NetWorking Nightmare.  They don't have a clue.  Then there is just the true to his (her) roots, the Hunter.  This is the person that walks  in, hits the hole room up to do business with them.  They have no thought of giving anything back, and they will never go to the same NetWorking event more then once or twice.

Were do you fit in?  Are you pretty good but need polishing?  Are you totally clueless?  Are you a hunter/killer?  Or are you a "Newbe" (someone who is new to this NetWorking thing and looking for information on the how's and why's, the Doe's and Don'ts).

If in fact you are a "Newbe" you have found a goldmine of information.  Hit the Archive button on the top of this page and read the past issues.  Or use the search feature to pull up past articles.

The same is true if your good at NetWorking but just need polishing.

If your a Hunter/Killer..... Give it up.  Stop tying to kill your way through the NetWorking world.  I can guarantee that if you read up on NetWorking, and really work at it for the next 3 months, you will see a big difference.  More business then you ever got from NetWorking before.  Also you will see the rewards of having the resources to put your clients in touch with other people, and building relationships.

If your one of the "Clueless" folks.  No point in talking to you.  Your clueless and just don't get it.  How do you know if one of those "Clueless" folks?  Easy, you just won't get this whole column, so stop reading and rent a move.

See you next month.


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