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being new in town they need to get known, and get known fast. 

Here in Bullhead City, one of the "new" businesses in town is Tri-State Tow Boat.  Now, being new in town they need to get known, and get known fast. 

One of the fastest ways a new business in town can get known is to get involved with local area chambers.  The two main chambers in Tri-State's case would be the Laughlin and the Bullhead City Area Chambers.

Another great way to get known in town is to get involved in "community" projects, or other events with a "high" area visibility.

With the Laughlin Chamber, Tri-State Tow Boat saw just such an opportunity.

When the Chamber contacted the Tri-State Tow Boat about participating in the upcoming 4th of July fireworks event, Tri-State Tow Boat was quick to look into the event.

This is a big event.  All the hotels fill up on the 4th.  And folks line both sides of the River to get a look at the show.

Tri-State saw this as both good for the area and good for them.  This was a chance to be seen by a lot of folks.

It was also a chance to start to get to know the folks at the local Chamber.

Why would you want to know the folks at the Chamber?  How about: because they know just about every business in town.  Not just the ones that are smart enough to join.  As such, the Chamber is a great resource for business to connect with each other.

Connect?  Yes, and not just to buy or sell goods or services to each other, but to share customers or resources.

Share customers? 

Yes, using Tri-State Tow Boat as an example. 

They deal with folks that have had their boats break down on the river.  They help those folks get their boat back to the launch ramp, and back on the trailer.  Then the folks need a place to get the boat fixed.  Just the kind of customer local repair shops are looking for.  Ones with a broken boat.    OK, the boat shop gets a customer out of it, what does Tri State get???  How about help in getting the additional help their customer needs (can you say customer service?).  Sure the customer is happy not to be stranded on the river anymore, but they are even happier when they know where to go to get their boat fixed.  We should also point out that some folks will call the boat shop to get help with "why" their boat won't start.  If the boat is on the river, and the shop can't walk the customer through fixing it, someone needs to tow that boat.  Now the shop has a reason to recommend Tri-State Tow Boat.  Everyone wins…. the shop, the Tow Boat, and the customer who gets better service.

And the Chamber?  Well it is a great place for Tri State to ask about those businesses in town with a good reputation  Good reputation?  How would the Chamber know?  Well, believe us when we say that if a business is a member of the Chamber, the Chamber may not hear about all the good stuff, but every bad thing, big and small will get back to them.  And the Chamber is about promoting the local area and economy, and they want no part of "bad" business practices.

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