Itís Not What You Do.  Itís What People Think.

At a recent NetWorking event I saw some really bad behavior from some of the folks.  So in honor of them we are reprinting this article:

Rude, Crude, And Vulgar Too... Gee I Wonder Why Iím Not Getting Any Leads....Rude, Crude, And Vulgar Too... Gee I Wonder Why Iím Not Getting Any Leads....

I canít believe I actually have to bring this up to any businessperson in this day and age.

But, hey you jerks out there, knock it off!!!!!

Stop going to mixers and networking events and groping and grabbing and being a rude, crude, vulgar, Neanderthal. Not only is it extremely bad for business but it can also get you thrown in jail.

No doubt some of you are reading this and thinking, come on, no one is this stupid... Thatís what I thought until I started to talk to some of the women out there. This type of conduct is very prevalent out there. Especially at Chamber Mixers. Little things, like going up to women and "adjusting their name tag". So, how is that offensive? Since the nametags are usually placed on a personís chest, going up to someone and touching them on the chest (as in "breast") is not very nice behavior. In fact, in the eyes of the law it can be considered Sexual Battery. So keep your hands to yourselves.

If you still think Iím out of line +bringing this up, at the next mixer you go to look at all the men in the room. Look at where they wear their nametags. Now look at the women in the room. See the difference. Any woman that has been subjected to this and is sick of it will have their nametag attached away from their chest. Even if there is only one woman, thatís one too many.

Personally if I was a woman and any man did that to me I would raise hell over it. I would slap the bastard, complain to the Chamber, and call the police.

So, guys, stop being total jerks and clean up your act before you meet up with the a women that knows she has the right not to have you grabbing at her.

Itís not nice, itís bad for business, and if.... just if you do it, and she screams, do you really want to deal with that? So at business mixers, stick to the business at hand and leave the ĎMonkey" business out of it.

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