Sometimes It Takes Class To Network.

    How many things do you know how to do, that you did not have to learn?  If you are like most people you had to learn just about everything you know.


As a child you learned how to read, write, etc. When you got older and looked to enter the job market you started to learn your job skills.  Even after you got your job, you still continued to learn.


For anyone looking to learn, it seems like there is always a way to do so.  Self study, a school, or the old fashioned apprentice position.  An apprentice position is kind of a learn as you do it sort of thing.  It is a time honored way to learn and it works.  But your going to make mistakes along the way.  Lots of mistakes.


 In business mistakes can be both embarrassing and expensive.  So when it comes to NetWorking how do you learn?  You can do it the way I did.  I basically did an apprenticeship.  I found someone that was extremely good at it, and NetWorked with them.  I watched and learned.  I asked questions.  I adapted what they did into my own style.  Now not only am, I a great NetWorker, I write articles about it.  Hay itís not a bad way to learn.  It only took me about 6 months to really get the hang of it, and to pick up the really important things.


Sure would have been nice to have a place to just take a class and learn about it.  I would have saved lots of time and picked up more business faster.


 I am now happy to say that when it comes to NetWorking you can now have some class.  The Learning Tree University starting with their September catalogue is going to be offering a first of itís kind Business NetWorking Class.  Check them out at :


So If your located in the general Los Angeles area of California think about checking this class out.


Remember itís not just the small business owner that can profited from NetWorking.  Anyone in business can.  This includes anyone in sales.  Most sales folks donít see the value in NetWorking.  They feel that their company feeds them leads and they have their established customers, so why bother with NetWorking. Think about this.  In NetWorking you learn the skills and make the needed contacts to be of better service to your customers.  You learn how to make your customers see you as a valuable resource, not just someone they call when they need what ever it is you sell.  This builds a relationship between you and your customer.  And that leads not only to increased opportunities, but bigger and better sales, along with customer loyalty.  Not a bad thing to have going for you.  So check out NetWorking today and put some extra $$$ in your pocket.


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