Is A Tee Shirt A NetWork Connection?

I would say yes, depending on two things:

The tee shirt.

And how you use it.

First The Tee Shirt:

You need a Tee Shirt that gets attention.  Not only to itself, but also to you and something about what you do.

Letís put it this way.  A tee shirt can be a walking billboard for what you do.  But you just want it to get folks to talk to you.  To start the conversation by asking you something about what the shirt means or what your company does.

If your company is unique enough, or the demand for the type of business is strong enough, then just what the company does can be all the shirt needs to say; although I would still recommend the phone number.

How Do You Use It?

Simple, you wear it so folks will see it.  Next, when you get comments on it, you respond.  But not with a boring Me, Me, Me! sales pitch, but with some basic info, then start to NetWork.  Yes NetWork it.  Ask about them.  What they do, etc.  Never forget your NetWorking basics.  It is not about you.  It is about them.

Donít have a great company Tee Shirt?  Canít budget the custom design and printing of a whole batch?  Then check with your local copy shop.  They may be able to print anything you can design on your computer.

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