Itís Not What You Know, Itís Who You Know.

How Networking Makes You Look Good.

If youíre a regular reader of this column you know we are always talking about the fact that NetWorking is more then just getting business from other people.  NetWorking can also give you an invaluable connection to other people.


In just this last week the following 3 examples came up.

1.)        A friend called me.  He wanted to know how he could check on whether or not the educational claims that a person was making were true or not.  He knew the school and the degrees the person claimed to have.  On contacting the school he was told that he would need the subject person to give him written authorization to obtain this information.  Unfortunately my friend did not want to ask this person for permission.  This was due to the fact he believed the guy was lying and did not want to alert him to the fact that someone was digging into his background.  I told my friend no problem.  From NetWorking I knew someone in the Alumni Association.  An hour later I had the information.  The guy was in fact stretching the truth.


2.)        I stopped by my local printer with a friend the other day.  We bumped into someone we knew.  The guy was at the printer to get new business cards.  He was having problems with the wording on his cards.  He did not like what he had but he did not know how to rephrase it.  So we all thought about it and kicked around some thoughts.  Five minutes later he had the wording for his new cards, and he was very happy.


3.)               I was talking with a local businessperson the other day.  The guy runs a very successful web-based sales operation.   He does get more charge backs on the credit card transactions then he would like.  Heís main complaint was on the fraudulent charge backs.  I asked him if he had talked to his card service rep about it, when the guy said, ďI donít even remember who that is, I never saw the guy again after I signed upĒ.  With that I called a card service rep I knew.  Made the introduction.  Now he is going to meet with a rep that knows how to help him.


Remember; NetWorking is about having resources and contacts.  So get out there and find out about the people you know.


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