What do you get when you put 80,000 people into a town of 30,000 residents?  A great NetWorking opportunity!

This past weekend the cities of Laughlin, Nevada and Bullhead City, Arizona were host to the participants of the 20th annual Laughlin River Run, motorcycle gathering.  With a head count of about 80,000 participants all with the love of motorcycles in common, this was one great big NetWorking opportunity for any person or business into the Motorcycle thing.

It was also an opportunity for lots of other businesses having nothing to do with motorcycles.  How?  Lets see, 80, 000 folks, all needing things like food, shelter, gas, and?  Think about when you are away from home.  No matter what you bring with you, there is always something you need.  With 80,000 folks needing something, if you only make $0.25 from each person that’s $20,000.00.  Not bad for only three days work.  

With numbers like that it is no wonder the vendors come out in force.  Selling everything from high-end accessories to silly little trinkets and everything in between.   Vendors and participants come from all over.  So in addition to being a great opportunity to do business, in the true nature of NetWorking it is also a great opportunity to connect with people from all over the place.

It is also important to remember that in this day and age, a lot of those “bikers” are doctors, lawyers, and just plain old business folks.  As such I can guarantee you that a lot of the riders in this years event, while participating in an activity near and dear to them, not only made some great new friendships, but some good business contacts as well.  After all, friends do business with friends.

Laughlin River Run 2002, a great way to NetWork, and have some fun.
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