More Then Building Business, Building Friendships.

Most folks get into Business NetWorking to enrich their business, and have their wealth grow.  Not a bad reason, after all we don't work to go broke, we work to make money.

Now NetWorking is not hard work.. No ditches to dig.  Just a lot of socializing.  But, it is still a work activity, so you do have to work at it.  As, put time into it.

I got into business NetWorking about ten years ago.  At that time in my personal life I would have said I had two real friends.  Now understand, to me a real friend is someone you can call at 3 in the morning, with it pouring cats and dogs, and tell them your car broke down about two hours away from them, and they get up and help you!

Now, ten years later, I need more then both my hands to count my good friends.  I still have those first two, but from Business NetWorking I have so many more.  We have shared the good times (births, weddings) and the bad times (funerals).  We have made more friends together, and helped one another say goodbye to an old friend.

Yes, Business NetWorking has enriched my business.  It has even led to all new business opportunities and directions.  However, when it comes to my personal life, Business NetWorking, has made me a wealthy man.

A wealthy man? Yes.  My "new" friendships are priceless.  Those that I count as my friends give to me what money cannot buy.  As I give to them.  True care and concern for them as a person.

To all my "NetWorking" friends, let me take the time to thank you.

For those of you that are thinking about Business NetWorking, I promise you, that if you put the time into it and are true in your commitment to build business relationships with trust and honesty, Business NetWorking will make you wealthy in a lifetime supply of truly great friends.

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