Lets Do It Once A Month!
A NetWorking Technique For Those Of Us That Donít Like The Same Old Thing!

Lets face it, some of us just donít Network as much as we should.  Were just tired of the same old NetWorking Grind.  Same people, same day, same time, same place, same foodÖ Etc.


Does this mean that we canít NetWork?  No it just means we should do it our way.


Different People, Different Times, Different Dates, Different Places, Different Food.  Just set up a once a month Roving Meeting.


A Roving Meeting?

Itís simple.  To start, just get a bunch of business people together at a meeting place.  You can do a Breakfast Meeting, a Lunch Meeting, a Dinner Meeting, or even a Happy Hour.  It is all up to you.  You set up the first meeting, and every one just shows up.



At the first meeting one businessperson takes the responsibility of setting up the next meeting.  Again, it can be any placeÖ  Any Day, Any time.  That is the idea.  Every month becomes a slightly different meeting.  That person if responsible to set it up, make reservations if needed, and get the word out (faxís, flyers etc.).


It then just goes on and on.  Every month a different person organizes it.  So, every month you get a new mix. 


This idea can also be used by any existing NetWorking group as a way of increasing outside get-togethers of its members.


Give it a try and let us know how it works.


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