Can You Do Business NetWorking On The Net?

  Can you do business NetWorking on the Internet?  If your definition of NetWorking is obtaining business for yourself or others, the answer is yes!

I found myself in the unfortunate position of fighting with my Insurance company on whether or not my Saab was totaled, and the value of it.

To keep the story short, we were nowhere close to reaching an agreement.  To get help on my Saab issue I hit the net.  I discovered that even though the Saab is not an extremely common car (in the Los Angeles area the weekend paper will only have maybe 5 or 6 ads for used ones) I found a fair number of Saab owner sites:

And more...  I posted my request for help to the assorted bulletin boards.  I got some good advice etc....  I was directed to a book called the "Old Car Price Guide"...  In short I proved my point to the insurance company.

Also one reader to the bulletin boards asked me for my mechanic's name.  She lived in my area and had been going from Saab Dealer to Saab Dealer...  Pouring money into the car, and not getting the problem fixed.  I gave her the info on my mechanic.  She went over to the shop, and in less then an hour was a happy Saab owner with a car working as it should.

So lets recap.  I used the bulletin boards to get advice and assistance.  I got it.  I was also able to give out a referral.  Sounds a lot like NetWorking to me.

Next time you’re looking to NetWork, don't over look the biggest NetWork of them all.  The Internet!
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