Hey Wanna Go To A Trade Show? Boat Shows Are Fun!

Last month in February the Southern California Marine Association, Inc, (http://www.scma.com/) held it's annual boat show in Los Angeles.  Just about anyone who was anyone in the boating industry was there.  In addition to being a great place to check out the latest boats and accessories, it was also a good opportunity to meet other folks that are into boating.  Not just the folks walking around, but also the folks in the booths.

In addition to the boat manufacturers and dealers, you had a large assortment of accessory dealers and some public service agencies.

The San Bernardino Sheriffs Department had a good display at the show.  They patrol the Colorado River near the Lake Havasu area.  In addition to giving out some general information on boating, they were also there to promote their free safe boating class.

If you have never taken a safe boating class, I can tell you it is more then just a don't drink and boat lecture.  In reality, it is a lot of great info on general boating, with some very good information on how to read waterways.  Not just what marker buoys mean, but how to read the look of the water.  Is it shallow?  Is it deep?  Is it safe?  If you would like more information on this program please call 760-326-9200 and ask for the safe boating program.

If you were a first timer to the boat show, or new to the boating "thing", just walking around the show proved that boating is an all ages activity.  There were business owners looking for a new boat to entertain customers in, and families looking to update the ski boat.  Everywhere you looked folks were striking up conversations about boating.  And striking up conversations is what NetWorking is all about.

If you’re located in California some upcoming shows are as follows:

9th Annual Orange County Boat Show
Anaheim, California

April 5 - 8, 2001

15th Annual Spring Boat Show
Pomona, California

May 30 - June 3, 2001

International Sail & Power Boat Show
Long Beach, California

October 17 - 21, 2001

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