Is Your Association There for You Or Just for Themselves?

Is Your Association There for You Or Just for Themselves?

BizNet Takes An Insiders Look At The Southern California Security Association


In the world of NetWorking there are two basic types of groups.  Straight NetWorking groups and Trade groups or Associations.  No matter the classification of the group, there are always NetWorking opportunities to be had.


The big difference between a straight out NetWorking group and a Trade Group, is the Trade group is supposed to be of special benefit to it’s members.  In fact, that is the reason you’re told you should support the organization though your dues payments.


The biggest complaint I hear from business is that they feel the Group they belong to cares more about the money (dues payment or membership fee) then of being of benefit to its members.  This leads the member to feel that they are getting nothing for the money they are paying.


One organization I know of does not seem to have that problem.  In fact I know first hand that they care about their members.


How do I know?  I’m not only a member, but I am on the governing board.  I can tell you that this Association not only cares about its members, but it puts them first.


The board is full of some very successful business people, with very strong personalities.  The amazing thing is that when the board comes together, even though decisions are made as a Governing Board, those actions are based on what these individuals would want as MEMBERS.  The results are that the actions of the Board are based on what is of benefit to the members, and not what is easy for the Association.


The Association I am referring to is the Southern California Security Association

( and I am proud to say that this organization functions as if it was part Trade Organization and part Family.


So, if the trade group your business belongs to is not treating you right, remember they need to realize that you’re all part of the same family and you need to be there for each other.  It works for the Southern California Security Association.


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