Is An Online Dating Site A Business Tool?

Interesting question.  Can an Online Dating site be a business tool?  Well if you are a steady reader of this section, you know we have talked about the similarities of good business behavior, and good social behavior.

In business you want to deal with someone who is honest.  Will do what they say.  Can communicate what they need from you, and what you can get from them, and will accept responsibility for their actions.

Do you want less than that in someone you are involved with on a personal level?  I think not.

Back to the question, Can an Online Dating site be a business tool?  Let me answer it this way.

BizNet has been looking at relocating our company from California, to the Bullhead City Area of Arizona.  As such, to help make those decisions, we talked with the different city agencies about permits and stuff.  Talked to the phone company, etc.  Checked out high-speed Internet connections or not.  Housing costs and so on.  Based on this research we have decided to relocate.

What does this have to do with NetWorking?  Easy.  We will need to rebuild our NetWorking connections for folks and business in this new town.  We already are connecting with such occupations as Realtors, Banking, and Insurance.

Now being the only single guy here I was not only wondering about if things would be good business-wise, but socially as well.

So I started to check out the online dating stuff.  I started at  I looked for listings within 50 Miles of Bullhead.  Wow I was surprised, lots of listings.  Not bad for a town of 30,000 people (Los Angeles is something like over 5 million).  I have been sending E-Mails and stuff, so when I do make the move in a few months, I will have the support structure of some friends.  And as these folks work, I will have the support and access to more business people.  Business people that are not strangers to me.  For the answer to the question Can an Online Dating site be a business tool? is in my case yes!  As for the fact that this is just part of my job, and Im getting to meet some new friends (that all happen to be women), just goes to show what I have said before.  My job sucks!

Should you start working those dating sites for your business?  Only if you really are looking to meet someone.  Remember in business and relationships, its honesty that counts.
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