How does Business NetWorking relate to workplace violence?

How does Business NetWorking relate to workplace violence?  Easy, if you followed a lot of the advice given here and applied it to your co-workers in the office everyone would get along better.

First and foremost, your behavior in NetWorking is to always give the other person the feeling you respect them, are interested in what they have to say, and they matter to you...  All in all not a bad way to treat folks or to be treated.

I can guarantee you that when one person goes off on another person they most certainly have stopped respecting them.

Secondly, NetWorking is about learning to communicate.  Not just to talk, but to listen and understand.  And when you do talk, to make sure you are understood.  Good communication helps everything.  From Business NetWorking to getting along with co-workers, to even just making your personal relationships better.

So, good NetWorking skills make for good life skills?  You bet they do.  Think about it.  Treating others with a feeling of respect.  Being a good communicator not just in listening and understanding, but also in conveying your point(s).

Lets face it.  Doing the above is never a negative or bad thing to do.  If you think you don't have those skills, or just want to make sure you do, check out some back issues of this column.

You can also surf the net for information on good communication skills.

Some of the sites I have found are as follows:

This sit actually test your communication skills.

This is the site of ToastMasters International.  As they say " For Better Listening, Thinking, Speaking".

And lastly, this is a web site that offers links to sites that deal in Communication Skills.

In addition to surfing the web for information, please take a look at your local Community Collage.  You will find classes on such things as public speaking, and communication, etc. So, get out there and communicate!

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