If You Don't Thank Them.......

NetWorking is a lot of work, what is even more work is volunteering to help out or assist in a NetWorking event.  Or even worse, to volunteer to be the person that runs a committee.  Especially one that takes a lot of work.

Now don't go thinking that this is an article on the do's and don'ts of volunteering.  It's not.

Not..... I don't get it....

Try this.  If you are in a NetWorking Group and you don't take the time to thank the folks that give of their time, don't be surprised if you end up with those people not only no longer volunteering, but getting so burned out, or pissed off, that they leave your group.

Pissed off....  What do they have to be pissed off about?  How about giving of their time with not only no compensation (time they could have been spending making money) but most often, not even a thank you.  In fact most of the time all they hear are complaints.  Why did you do it that way?  You should have done this!  Can you look into doing it this or that way?  We know we told you we wanted that, but now that you set it up, we don't want that!...  And it goes on and one.

Look, the most basic event takes at best an hour of time.  Most events take more like a minimum of 3 hours.  It is not unusual for an event like a party to take at least 10 hours of time.  Making calls, going to check things in person.  Making announcements.  Designing and printing information, and so on. Most of this has to be done during business hours.  So not only are they working for free, using their supplies (phone, printer, computer, paper, car, gas, etc.) but also they are losing time out of their business day.  In some cases having to arrange their business schedule to accommodate the time needed to set up an event that may not even happen. And what to they get.  Nada, Zip, Nothing... Not even a buck, or a thank you.  In fact most of the time they get a lot of negative BS from complaining folks that would never lift a finger to help.  It's just not very fun or nice for them. In fact it's a bit like getting kicked in the ass for doing a good job. 

Now, if you’re thinking "So what.  They volunteered for it, what did they expect?"  Then please print this article out on your printer.  Take the paper out of the printer and carefully roll it up.  Good, got it all rolled up?  Now hit yourself over the head with it.  Why?  Because you’re an insensitive (if not dumb) jerk.

So, look back on the Holiday event (or other recent event) your group had.  Now, can you really say you made the person that set it up feel appreciated????  If not, don't be surprised if they take a hike to get away from you people.

 If, they did, or even if they’re still around, pick up the phone and apologize and say thank you.  They worked hard for your enjoyment.  What have you done for them?

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