Party Party Party,  Hey, We Just Had Some Big Holiday Parties.

Did You NetWork?

Boy, am I all worn out.  I spent Xmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, and New Years, NetWorking my butt off.  Poor me.  Working sucks.... NOT!


I have really been going from party to party, so how can I claim I was working?  Simple.... NetWORKING.  Now we have talked about this party thing before, so hopefully youíre doing it right, but letís review.


Now you should know that the approach to doing business with someone is much different at a party than if you were meeting them in their office. First and foremost the party is an after hours, fun event. So, relax and have some fun.


Enjoy what is going on. Talk to people like you would at any party. Then, if it just so happens that you and the person youíre talking to can do business with each other, great. Remember, this is a social event first, a business opportunity second. So keep it soft and easy. Just touch on what you do and any possible business relationship; exchange cards and follow-up later.


Remember, Networking is like farming. At the party, you are planting a seed. With follow though at a later date, you can harvest the crop.


Even if you see the same individuals at the party that you see at other Networking events, donít pass up the opportunity to party with them. At the party, you will have a good time and get to know one another better. The result will be an even better business relationship. So, party! After all, itís good for business!


So, come-on, can you really NetWork at a party??  You sure can.  I spent Xmas at a party my cousin put on.  He is in the music industry so almost everyone there was in the industry or related to it.  Nothing really to do with any of the businesses I am involved with; so was I able to NetWork?  You bet.  I met one person looking to replace the Cell Phone Carrier her company is currently using for their 15 to 20 phones.  I also met someone looking to put an industry-specific Zine (E-Magazine) together.  Not bad. Two really good leads for the Cell Phone person and the Web Designer I know.


As you can see, NetWorking is not really hard at a party.  Just talk to people and remember to listen to them.

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