NetWorking Across Time And Space

Never write off a NetWorking connection just because both of you have moved far away.

When I was in Los Angeles I knew and NetWorked with a local florist.  But he sold the business and moved to some small (25 square miles) island in the Caribbean.  And I also moved to a small town in Arizona.

One would think that even though the friendship was there, the NetWorking would come to an end.

You would be wrong.  He called me the other day.  He needed some help and advice in an area that I have knowledge on.  After helping him out, he mentioned he had a very good, life long friend that lived near me.  This friend ran a construction business.

Bingo!  The NetWorking was kicking in.

I told him that we were looking for a local construction guy to do some driveway work.  So, if he felt like returning the favor I just did him, he should have his contractor friend ring us up.

Not bad.  NetWorking thousands of miles apart, in two different countries, to find a local contractor.

Remember in NetWorking, it’s not just about what you do, and where you do it, but who you and the other person know.  That is why you should never write off a NetWork connection, just because you don’t see each other anymore, or are now “miles” apart.

You just never know for sure when and where that next connection will kick in.  So, keep those connections working.

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