Not Just Another Computer Terminology.

If you think the word "Networking" only refers to your business computers, then you need to read this.

The other day I had a guy try to convince me that "Business Networking", and all that "interpersonal, getting to know other folks, stuff" was a bunch of "B.S.".....

I asked if he had business computers.  I asked if they were Networked together.  He said "yes".  I asked Why?  He said What??  I again asked "Why, are your business computers networked together.   Please, tell me with as much detail as you can "why bother with a business network?".

He explained it as:

At this point I stopped him, and thanked him for explaining why all that " Business Networking", and all that "interpersonal, getting to know other folks, stuff", was in fact just good business.

He had a real strange look on his face, but then he got it.  You business network, for the same reason you Network your office computers.  It's a real simple and inexpensive way to increase your resources and protect your business.

So, stop reading this magazine, pick up the phone, and do lunch, dinner, or drinks with some business folks and get that "Network" started.

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