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Executive Editor
Tyler Harwood

    I have held many different job positions (from a Paramedic to an Air Force Pilot). I’ve owned several businesses (including a bar, and clothing company with over 300 employees). After many years of playing all of the games of business and learning to succeed the hard way, I thought that the Internet was worth a try.
After learning more and more ("and if you know Tyler, you’ll know that he learns more and more every day") Tyler attained certifications from IBM and Microsoft. He has been developing web sites for many years and has heard every question and tried to find every answer. Tyler found that the way to find the answers was to go right to the source, the professionals who have the answers; so he joined a bunch of networking groups and found a vast array of business professionals that had the answers to almost any question that could be asked.

Putting this magazine together is the brainchild of Tyler and Mike Lipshultz, using all of the professionals in all of the networking groups that they belong to. The magazine reflects the expertise of the professionals who write the articles and Tyler & Mike’s expertise to put this information into a user-friendly format. This format includes useful tips and tricks to help business grow, a format that almost all small business owner can understand.

Born on April 4, just days away from being a fool, I have never since been afraid to be thought of as "The Fool" in my never-ending quest to discover new things. My first discovery was at the amazing age of 2 1/2 when I discovered that the kitchen table in fact does not function as designed with all the nuts and bolts removed. My next discovery was that my Mom and Dad preferred a working table.

Executive Editor Mike Lipshultz

Now armed with a background in product testing, and the knowledge that consumers prefer working products, Mike made his way into the real world. He quickly discovered that he had a quite a knack for finding out information and "knowing a little about a lot". His first business exposure to the computer world goes back to punch cards and punch tape. His personal ownership of computers started with such incredible machines as: a Commodore computer (the one that used cassette tapes); a Timex "Sinclar"; an Apple; then an amazing Actrix "Access" (a cpm based computer combining a printer, modem, keyboard, two floppy drives and more into a neat 25 lb. of portable computer). Yes, he has many a fond memory of spending many a Sunday at Chapman Collage, in Orange, California, with a couple o’ hundred other computer enthusiasts.

Now in the modern day, Michael is very fond of spending many o’ day, with millions of other computer enthusiasts exploring the net, print media, and trade shows, in search of new products and information.

And just as Michael showed an amazing ability at the age of 2 1/2 for "crashing" the kitchen table, he still has an unnatural ability to crash any system, just by going near it. Oh, the fond memories of many an exhibitor saying, "We don’t know what happened, it was working before you came into our booth". Mike, never being a pessimist, does not see this unnatural relationship with computers as a handicap. In fact he views it as an asset. After all, "If it works for me, and does not crash, it will work for you". In support of his beliefs, many a manufacturer has discovered the benefits of Mike doing Beta testing. "Gee we did not know it could do that?" or " It did what!"

Now Michael Lipshultz is putting his God-given talents to work for you, the BizNet reader.

A voracious reader and a born "editor", I wanted to "dot the I’s and cross the T’s" of my schoolmate’s homework papers. Annoying as that could have been, I resisted. My real journalistic career began as an Editor of my high school newspaper and continues at BizNetOnline. BizNet Copy Editor Sharon Wolfe

In between, I was the Editor/Publisher of Diversity 101, A Guide to the Multicultural Experience, which was used as a training tool for the American Red Cross, and for many years designed newsletters for corporate and non-profit clients.

Her many hours of experience and innate talent in high-scoring on Ms. Pacman, fostered Sharon’s consuming interest in all things computerized. This led her to form The Squeaky Mouse (a PC Training Company, specializing in Marketing with Act! & Using the computer effectively). Currently Sharon also runs Wolfe & Company (a QuickBooks Only Bookkeeping and Bill Paying Service) and holds a California Real Estate Agent License. Previously, she was Director of Human Resources/Executive Vice President for Family Home Entertainment.

Sharon’s Community Service includes a year as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the American Red Cross, Valley District; two years on the Equal Opportunity Committee - San Fernando Valley Association of Realtors; one year on the Advisory Board - Small Business Development Center; and, currently an active member of the Mid-Valley Chamber of Commerce.

BizNet Bits Editor
Maureen McDonald

Driven to write from an early age, I penned many unpublished works of fiction during my adolescent years, but it was not until I entered college and wrote a story for Journalism 101 that I caught the "journalism bug."
Since then, she has been busy working towards earning her degree from California State University, Northridge and writing for As a new addition to the growing population of on-line journalists, Maureen is always in search of new contacts to help her get the best technical news out first.

While working with NewsHub, she was introduced to the team at BizNet Magazine OnLine. Writing for BizNet Bits, Maureen provides information for the lay person in search of information about the Web, as well as for the tech-guru looking for the latest Internet happenings.

Her experience with a California-based Web hosting company provided her with an assortment of tools with which to offer the readers of BizNet Magazine OnLine an informative view of life on the Internet. So, sit back and enjoy the read.

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