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Born on April 4, just days away from being a fool, I have never since been afraid to be thought of as "The Fool" in my never-ending quest to discover new things. My first discovery was at the amazing age of 2 1/2 when I discovered that the kitchen table in fact does not function as designed with all the nuts and bolts removed. My next discovery was that my Mom and Dad preferred a working table.
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Executive Editor / Publisher

Mike Lipshultz

Now armed with a background in product testing, and the knowledge that consumers prefer working products, Mike made his way into the real world. He quickly discovered that he had a quite a knack for finding out information and "knowing a little about a lot". His first business exposure to the computer world goes back to punch cards and punch tape. His personal ownership of computers started with such incredible machines as: a Commodore computer (the one that used cassette tapes); a Timex "Sinclar"; an Apple; then an amazing Actrix "Access" (a cpm based computer combining a printer, modem, keyboard, two floppy drives and more into a neat 25 lb. of portable computer). Yes, he has many a fond memory of spending many a Sunday at Chapman Collage, in Orange, California, with a couple o’ hundred other computer enthusiasts.

Now in the modern day, Michael is very fond of spending many o’ day, with millions of other computer enthusiasts exploring the net, print media, and trade shows, in search of new products and information.

And just as Michael showed an amazing ability at the age of 2 1/2 for "crashing" the kitchen table, he still has an unnatural ability to crash any system, just by going near it. Oh, the fond memories of many an exhibitor saying, "We don’t know what happened, it was working before you came into our booth". Mike, never being a pessimist, does not see this unnatural relationship with computers as a handicap. In fact he views it as an asset. After all, "If it works for me, and does not crash, it will work for you". In support of his beliefs, many a manufacturer has discovered the benefits of Mike doing Beta testing. "Gee we did not know it could do that?" or " It did what!"

Now Michael Lipshultz is putting his God-given talents to work for you, the BizNet reader.

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