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Turning Up The Lights... And The Heat...To Get Our Kids Back

By: Mike Lipshultz

Unless this is the first issue of BizNet Online Magazine that you're reading, you know how supportive we are of The Micrografx Chili Cook-Off (http://www.micrografx.com/chili/default.asp), and the Center For Missing And Exploited Children (NCMEC) http://www.missingkids.org/.

At this year's Chili Cook-Off, BizNet was honored to receive VIP passes for not only the party but for the press conference. That press conference was two weeks ago, and it is still reverberating in my head.

John Walsh with Americas Most Wanted (http://www.americasmostwanted.com/) made a statement I can’t get out of my mind. It has to do with turning up the heat on the scumbags that are kidnapping, torturing, and killing our kids. He stated that anytime a crime occurs, someone knows. Someone always knows the person who did it. Even if they don’t know of the crime, they know the person that did it. If they have a reason to look they will see the differences in their behavior. They will see a reason to question the actions of that person.

Now without going on and on, let me tell you I was not always a writer for BizNet Online Magazine. I used to be a Private Investigator in the Los Angeles area of California. I was also a reserve investigator for the Los Angeles County Coroners Office. So no one has to tell me about the things that human beings can do to each other. I have seen more dead bodies then I can count. In the cases of murder, one fact was always true. Someone knew who did it. Find them and the rest was easy. Finding them was the hard part. It’s easy to hide in the shadows.

So as John Walsh said, let's turn up the lights on these scumbags. Let's make it impossible for them to hide. Lets give the people that know them a reason to question.

Starting this month, BizNet Online Magazine will be placing a permanent link on every page of every issue to the Center For Missing And Exploited Children (NCMEC) http://www.missingkids.org/ and to the Americas Most Wanted Web Site (http://www.americasmostwanted.com/).

So what’s the point of this article? Is it to point out what BizNet Online Magazine is doing? No. What we are doing doesn’t matter. What you're doing does. BizNet Magazine by itself can’t make a difference, but if we can get everyone with a web page to link to the Center For Missing And Exploited Children (NCMEC) and to the Americas Most Wanted Web Site, all of us acting together can make a major difference. The difference of a parent getting their child back or not. The difference of a parent knowing what happened to their child, or living the rest of their lives never knowing. Never being able to put their child to rest.

Before you just blow this idea off, I hope you never have to know the pain of a lost child, or a murdered family member. Even with all I have seen in my life, I could never begin to imagine the horror of it. Or the horror of knowing that someone who could have helped, couldn’t be bothered putting a simple little link on their web site.

So, please help turn up the lights and save some kids. Put the following links on your site.

Thank you.

Center For Missing And Exploited Children (NCMEC) http://www.missingkids.org/

Americas Most Wanted Web Site


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