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BizNet Online Magazine Checks out WebStar 3.0.1.
for all you Mac Web Masters
By Steven Parker

WebStar 3.0.1

BizNet Online Magazine recognizes that the world does not run on PC’s alone. With this in mind BizNet Magazine is working to incorporate information and reviews from the Mac world into our publication.

The following is our first piece of Mac work. We hope you find it of interest and benefit.

So for all you Mac Web Masters BizNet Online Magazine Checks out WebStar.

Performance is paramount for web servers and WebStar hits a homerun over all other competitors. WebStar is the ultimate web server for any team - easy to set up and administer, with more control over options. It also works with QuickDNS Pro to perform easy load balancing between two servers. This great web server includes built in SSI commands, FTP server, and a caching proxy server.

For the ultimate in security, StarNine also puts out WebStar SSL, which allows businesses to conduct on-line transactions in a Secure Socket Layer, making any transactions private and secure.

With version 3.0.1 of WebStar, StarNine has put WebStar through more development than Quid Pro Quo, which gives it an edge when it comes to technical support. We have found WebStar to have a deep relief bench for questions, outside of their normal Tech Support. Quid Pro Quo has begun this but on a much smaller scale.

On a daily basis we had trouble with Quid Pro Quo crashing, however WebStar has been the ultimate team player and stepped up to the plate for 30 straight days without missing a hit. We have taken the server down ourselves-with 21 programs in constant play, some tweaking is required once in a while-but never because WebStar has faltered.

Team Additions

WebStar is the industry standard for Plug-ins. The built-in FTP eliminates having to buy and configure and maintain a third-party FTP solution. Quid Pro Quo, as well as many other web server programs, have to use a third party FTP software making it more expensive and less reliable.

Along with the additions in the program, WebStar has a real bound manual for quick and easy access when the web server is thrown a curve ball.

The only other addition that may be helpful to WebStar would be balloon tips. Quid Pro Quo is one of the few Mac web-servers that offers these tips and they would be widely appreciated by most users.

Add in the hardware compatibility with such products as the PowerKey Pro, and PowerKey Rebound!, and your server can restart and shut-down when you are not around. It can even restart the computer if a program becomes locks up, or stops responding. With the PowerKey Pro, turning on and off devices attached to your computer is as easy as making a phone call, or using the on-line administration program from your browser.

The great software and hardware features combine to make WebStar a Grand Slam as web servers go.

Last Out

Power to serve any site you will ever need, is what you have in WebStar. For more information check out Star Nine and

WebStar at :

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