Good News for You and Your Children--NET NANNY
PARENTAL Lock-Out For Your Computer

By: Jeanne Harwood

Good News for You and Your Children--NET NANNY

The Internet is fast becoming a part of everyone's life; after all, you are here! With access becoming easier and easier, the already staggering number of 30 million subscribers is growing exponentially each month. Soon nearly all the people with home computers will be a part of the 'Internet community'. This has many benefits:

But, like any 'community' it has its darker side, to list just a few:

Obviously there is no end to the vast amount of other sensitive and inappropriate information is being sent right into our homes along with everything else.

This is where Net Nanny steps in, by acting as an invisible monitor between the Internet and your family. It operates quietly in the background, carefully screening out user defined sites, 'Words', 'Phrases', and any content that you have determined is inappropriate.

As you can see, if your children have access the Internet then Net Nanny is a product you or your business should be looking at.

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