Do you really want to go to the mall,
where traffic and tempers are soaring?

By: Susan Young
Staff Writer

Do you really want to go to the mall, where traffic and tempers are soaring? Or battle the streets in search of the must have gift, only to find that it is not available in the six different stores you visited and your gas meter now reads empty. Don’t waist your time this holiday season. Enjoy time with friends and family. Save time, money and your sanity while shopping at home over the internet.

Try to buy at least two gifts this year from an internet shop. You will find it a pleasure to search out that hard to find gift; most often you will find it within a few minutes. You may even get fun gift ideas; maybe a gift basket instead of a ceramic Santa mug. Many online stores will gift wrap, include a personal message and send the gift directly to your friends or relatives home. Remember cramming the gifts for friends and relatives into your trunk…then carrying them a distance with the wrapping looking crumpled and tattered at the end of your journey? There may be a small fee for shipping or gift wrap, but shopping over the internet will help you save on fuel costs and time. Its’ fun, easy and complete.

There are many reputable internet companies that can give you exactly what you want in a timely and precise way to make your holidays bright. One note of caution, look to see if the company you intent to order from connects to a secure server to transmit your credit card information (your order). Many companies will let you know this before you put in your credit card information. So, just be aware.

I hope you get the chance to shop over the internet this holiday season. I personally found it to be a wonderful tool.

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