FreeTalk Radio From KenWood
Hello for 12-98
By: Mike Lipshultz

Last month we talked about a great little pager from RIM (Research In Motion marketed by Bell South ( ) and promised you a more detailed look at the functionality of the pager as we tested them at Comdex. Well, that was the plan. Note the word, was. Due to a miscommunication, the pagers were shut off the day before Comdex. So much for having a plan. The pagers are being reactivated so we will have more on these great little pagers at a later date.

Now for a closer look at a hot little radio from Kenwood Corporation. The FreeTalk radio from Kenwood is a small radio (shirt pocket size) that operates on the new Family Band Radio Frequency.

This means that you do not need any licensing (as in no fee’s). You just open the box, put in the batteries, and start talking. So why would a business ever want to buy one of these. In truth no one would buy one. You need to buy two of them, after all, you're going to be talking to someone, so it takes two to work. Now, why buy them? Lots of reasons. It beats yelling into the warehouse, or back and forth across the lot. If your company does trade shows, either as an attendee or exhibitor, these radios are a must have. No more hunting for your business partner or setting meeting times, just use the radio. Working a trade show booth is tough. It never fails, you leave the floor for a second and that big customer comes in. Now the booth can call you on the radio to get you back.

So does this little radio work? Sure does. Here at BizNet we used them to keep in touch at Comdex. We opened the box, put in the batteries, and started talking. After four days the first thing we have to say is that the units still had the original batteries in them. Wow, now that’s battery life. The KenWood radios have some features not found on other family band radios, so we were able to scramble our conversations keeping them private. Another great feature was the ability of the radios to "ring" like a phone when someone was calling. With all the noise in the room just a voice coming out of the radio would never have gotten any notice, but that ringer worked great. These radios are small, light, and easy to use. What’s not to like?

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