At The Water Cooler.
By: Mike Lipshultz

Ever get pissed off at a company? Wish you could tell the world? Then this is the place for you :

At Gripenet you can air your complaint or look for one on a company you're thinking about giving business to. I looked to see if that company I hate was listed (I can’t say the name but they claim that they're the best buy), It was. No surprise to me. It was the usual complaint about this company. Really bad customer service.

Looking for a great way to protect your Lap Top computer. Check out this neat gadget :

Now in reality Lap Jack will not stop a thief from stealing your computer. Most thieves are too dumb to know that with LapJack installed the computer is now useless to anyone but the owner. However it will keep your data safe from being used. Believe me, having your computer stolen is nothing. What is scary is knowing some crook now has your data.

Ten-Four good buddy, but what do you look like. So much for the days of describing things over the radio. Kenwood Corporation is now making an attachment for two-way radios that can transmit and receive a picture. Check out the RadCam at :

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