Don’t Go Changing
When it comes to advertising don't make this mistake.

By: Mike Lipshultz

When it comes to advertising most small business make the same mistake. They keep changing. In advertising the most important thing a small business can do is find a ‘Look' that works and stick with it.

By a 'Look' we mean in any advertising, whether it is business cards, brochures, flyers. Any advertising, not just radio and TV (something most small businesses can’t afford). A 'Look': An identifying look that results in your targeted audience knowing it is your company the advertising is referencing. An example: If you see the "Golden Arches" or Ronald McDonald in an ad, even without reading the ad, you know it is about McDonald’s Restaurants.

By sticking with it, we mean keeping something in your advertising unchanged all the time, be it a slogan, logo, or other 'Look', it will become associated with your company. If you look at any page in this magazine you will see the "BizNet Look". Check it out. Ever notice how all of the "Titles" like BizNet Online Magazine, Networking Connection, etc., have the same look? That is the "BizNet Look". A look or style that is connected to this magazine. So, if you just see the Network Connection title you still think BizNet.

Why keep a 'Look' the same? To get the most out of your advertising that’s why! The simple fact is that most pieces of advertising have to be seen a minimum of 3 to 4 times before they are read. People keep seeing the same ad over and over. By the fourth time they see it they start to think, "Wait, I’ve seen this before, What is it about?" Then they finally read your ad. By having a 'Look' in all your advertising it helps to build that name recognition factor. They see it, and see it, and see it, and finally say, "I need to talk to these people". Without that repetition and recognition you lose out on all that repeated exposure. So, find that look and stick with it.

Remember, at BizNet Online Magazine, we always "Look" out for you.

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